VIEWPOINTS 4: Our thoughts on the 2017 UK general election.

Its been a long election. At BTH we aim to analyse, discuss and explore the aim, agenda, and bias of international, national and local newspapers to as many members of the public as possible. Still, each of our writers bring their own opinions and biases in the work that we do, in our analysis, and how we interpret the news. This invariably affects the work we produce, and so in the name of full transparency, today we give you a glimpse of our opinions and worldviews.

Last, but not least, we bring you the thoughts of Bruno Gnaneswaran, a co-founder of Between the Headlines.

I have been unable to vote in the last three general elections despite desperately wanting to and having the urge to. I want to be involved in the democratic process that will have huge consequences on my life and the life of others. Our current society is crying for change. In order to have real change, in order to have a truly representative parliament and government, we need to have a serious discussion on our out-dated first-past-the-post voting system. The current voting system is not fair, undemocratic and ensures that not all votes count equally. During the last general election, 74% of our votes were wasted and did not make a difference to the outcome. Every vote should count equally.
The media has a significant influence on this democratic process and here at BTH we believe that although the media is incredibly important, it needs to be held accountable when it is not delivering reliable, accurate and truly representative journalism. My personal ideologies and policies are not in line with the Conservatives and I am very pleased to see the right-wing media, despite its strong efforts, has not stopped Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour manifesto to show what policies are needed to help fight social injustice. Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world and instead of helping those who are already wealthy, lets have a government and society that helps those who are vulnerable and provides equal opportunities for all. Lets have a better education system for our children, a functioning health and social care system and adequate policing to keep us safe.
This was a nasty, individualistic and chaotic campaign run by Theresa May and we need to remind those that represent us that this is not what we ask of our politicians. Today, the people have made their voices heard – this is not what we want from our leaders. We do not care about personalities, we care about policies. We want politicians that want to help fight the serious inequalities that exists here in the U.K. and throughout the world. Today has shown us there is a momentum and a wish for a more equal, just and compassionate society.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this special edition. Next week we return to our analysis newspaper headlines.
We always welcome new writers, so drop us an e-mail if you are interested in joining our team.

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