Friday 9th June 2017

Friday 9th June 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

Today we bring you some of the UK’s headlines following the 2017 general election. Stay tuned later for our writers’ views on last night. As of this morning, the final results were not confirmed.


The Sunsun.9 June.jpg

Topic of article: UK Politics

Headline: MAYHEM

Author(s): Tom Newton Dunn (Political Editor)

Analysis: The Sun covers the predictions from the exit polls, which suggest the result of a hung parliament with the conservatives having 314 seats, Labour with 266, Scottish National Party with 34, and Lib Dems with 14. There is very little text on this front page, besides a statement of results from the exit polls. However, on a closer examination of what was included on this front page, we can see suggestions of the editor’s overall opinion on last night’s results. One line of the author’s impressions makes the front page: “[May’s election] ended in disaster”, suggesting that the writer had hoped for a Conservative majority in parliament. Additionally, the Sun brings in an interesting set of images to their front page, with the leaders of five of the political parties, all smiling except for Jeremy Corbyn, depicted with a scowl (possibly mid-argument). So why has this particular image of the Labour party’s leader been chosen? Is the Sun trying to highlight him in some unflattering way? Is the paper trying to assume the leaders’ emotional responses to the election results in their depictions on the front page? Maybe. On the other hand, Labour has gained 34 seats in this election, and UKIP has lost their only seat, so why is Paul Nuttall grinning on the front page?


The Guardianguardian.9 June.jpg

Topic of article:  UK Politics

Headline: Exit poll shock for May

Author(s): Anusha Asthana (Political Editor); Rowena Mason (Deputy Political Editor)

Analysis: The article discusses the predictions of a 10pm exit poll, suggesting the UK was headed for a hung parliament. The authors go on the try a draw of picture of the atmospheres in the Conservative and Labour party headquarters the night of the election. The authors are still cautious however, pointing to the fact that the 2015 exit polls suggested a hung parliament, while that election resulted in a Conservative majority. The article appears to paint the Labour party in a favourable light, while being quite critical of the Conservatives. Jeremy Corbyn’s “buoyant” campaign was described as a “gruelling seven week tour”, as the authors try and paint a picture of a very hard working and positive leader. Meanwhile, Theresa May is described with considerably less enthusiasm as “feeling good”. The choice of imagery on this front page is considerably different, with Jeremy Corbyn as the only party leader to make the editing cut. He’s shown smiling with two voters. A very different expression on his face than on this morning’s Sun.

Daily Maildaily_mail.9 June

Topic of article: UK Politics


Author(s): Jason Groves (Political Editor)

Analysis: This article focuses on the results of the exit polls, suggesting a hung parliament. Jason Groves (article author) blasts Theresa May as the paper appears incredibly disappointed by the Conservative results. The piece picks very specific quotes to paint the Conservative leader in a now unfavourable light, as “one minister” (who remains unnamed) calling her campaign “the worst in living memory”, as her plans “backfired disastrously”. Still, the paper remains critical of all the British political parties, with no leader painted in a favourable light. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn is called “profoundly dangerous”, while everyone else is simply lumped together as “a rag bag of other parties”. Though this remains a very opinionated piece, the Daily Mail appears to think every political party in the country is equally horrible.


The Timesthe_times.9 June.jpg

Topic of article: UK Politics

Headline: May’s big gamble fails

Author(s): Francis Elliott (Political Editor); Sam Coates (Deputy Political Editor)

Analysis: The Times covers the results of the exit polls along with how this has affected the value of the pound against the US dollar. The authors’ views on the exit poll results echo the opinions of other UK papers in seeing this as a major loss for Theresa May’s Conservative Party. Strong words are used to depict the prospect of a hung parliament as a “humiliating prospect” as the snap election “spectacularly backfired”. Additionally, the opinion of the former chancellor adds to May’s defeat, as George Osborne calls for her to resign if the “catastrophic” predictions of the exit polls prove accurate. Last night’s results are put into context with Brexit negotiations and the falling value of the pound. While still acknowledging the fact that exit polls did not accurately predict the results of the 2015 UK general election, the authors seem confident in its results, describing its predictions of the 2010 and 2005 elections as “spot on”. In this article, the only other political party mentioned on the front page is Labour, with one quote from the shadow foreign secretary stating that if the party was called to provide the next government, they would do so “in a unified way”.


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Reviewed by: Anjali Menezes