Friday 19th May 2017

Friday 19th May 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The SunThe Sun 19 May

Topic of article: UK Politics


Author(s): Tom Newton Dunn (Political editor)

Analysis: Teresa May has released the conservative party manifesto yesterday, listing some values not traditionally seen as “conservative” in what some are seeing as an attempt to win over “socialist voters”. Today The Sun claims that the conservative party now closely resembles the Labour party as the paper says she has issued “traditional labour battle cries” such as increased spending on the NHS and “shifting taxpayers’ cash away from better-off older folk”. This is largely an opinion piece, giving us only one fact (though vague) about the newly released manifesto: that it includes more funding for the NHS. What else is included in this new manifesto? What have other party leaders responded with? Though the political viewpoints of the authors of the other front page stories are more clearly seen today (see below), the Sun does well to not present theirs today. While they do make a sweeping statement that the Conservative party is turning ‘red’, there is no indication of what The Sun thinks of this.


The Guardianguardian 19 May.jpg

Topic of article:  UK Politics

Headline: May manifesto rejects legacy of Cameron era

Author(s): Heather Stewart (Political editor); Rowena Mason (Deputy political editor)

Analysis: Teresa May released the Conservative Party’s manifesto yesterday, with strong criticisms from the Labour party. The manifesto promises more state involvement with the economy, while not including any accompanying costing document, leading to accusations from the Labour party that the manifesto was an “84-page blank cheque”. The Guardian presents a strongly anti-conservative piece on their front page today. While the article includes multiple direct quotes from May’s speech yesterday, there are multiple comparisons drawn between this manifestos and the Labour manifesto leading the reader to assume that the Labour party is a better choice. Critical quotes have also been given from the Association of School and College Leaders and the Health Foundation, both of whom agree that the numbers presented by the party just don’t add up. However, there are some very striking passages from the document presented here, indicating some major changes in the conservative party’s public messages this year as they state “We reject the cult of selfish individualism. We abhor social division, injustice, unfairness and inequality.” For full coverage of all of this election’s manifestos from the BTH team, stay tuned.

Daily Maildaily_mail 19 May

Topic of article: UK Politics


Author(s): Jason Groves (Political Editor)

Analysis: Yesterday Teresa May unveiled the conservative party’s manifesto. The Daily Mail presents a front page strongly supporting Teresa May for the upcoming election. Besides strongly opinionated statements, the article gives very few clear-cut facts. All that we know so far is that the conservative manifesto has been released and that it has a large focus on working class families. The author claims May was remarkably “honest”, though we have no idea what she was being honest about. The political views of the story’s author are further suggested by another subjective statement claiming that the manifestos by the other political parties were littered with ‘unrealisitic promises”. And that’s all we have to go on for today. Little news and loads of opinion.


The Timesthe_times 19 May

Topic of article: UK Politics

Headline: Mainstream May reaches out to Labour heartlands

Author(s): Francis Elliott (Political Editor)

Analysis: Teresa May launched the conservative manifesto for the upcoming UK general election, yesterday. So what can we glean from this front page about this 84 page manifesto? The conservatives will not hold true to their promises from two years ago to address: the falling living standards; child poverty; or freeze income tax, VAT or national insurance. (Though let’s be honest, what could we expect especially seeing as the leader of the Conservative party has indeed changed and she has the right to make her own path…right?). The party is promising to increase NHS spending by £8 billion over 5 years, and increase the school budget by £4 billion. The rest of the article focuses on how May is targeting “mainstream Britain” (some very entertaining new terminology that sounds like the name of the newest indie rock band), with comments from Jermy Corbyn (the leader of the Labour party), and direct quotes from May’s speech. May is appealing to the working class voters, while trying to assure us all that she is the best candidate to securing a good Brexit deal: “With the right Brexit deal secured, my mainstream government will deliver for mainstream Britain.” We can see the author’s own political views here as they claim in their opening line that the conservatives, while trying to appeal to “mainstream Britain” will be shifting money and resources away from the middle class and elderly. This line is stated as a fact, while the only supporting evidence of this on the front page is from a direct quote from Corbyn. Still looking for unbiased coverage of each party’s election Manifesto? Stay tuned with BTH, we’ll be posting them shortly!


Front page images from: Kiokso (

Reviewed by: Anjali Menezes



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