Tuesday 16th May 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 18.34.36.png

Topic of article: Crime

Headline: Monster Brady is dead

Author(s): Richard Moriarty

Analysis: The article informs its readers about the death of Ian Brady the ‘Moors murderer’. The font of the title covers almost over 50-60% of the front page making the headline very attention grabbing. The short article evokes a sense of injustice as the author describes how Ian Brady received round-the-clock care from nurses and died with dignity despite not being able to offer this to his victims. Although health care is a universal human right, it is difficult not to feel a sense of injustice.

The GuardianScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.54.41.png

Topic of article:  Politics

Headline: Labour reveals ‘fat cat’ tax pledge aimed at reining in excessive pay

Author(s): Anushka Asthana and Severin Carrell

Analysis: The author informs the reader about Labour’s plan to tax the ‘fat cats’ to disincentivise excessive pay and thereby reducing excessive pay in big businesses, city banks and Premier League clubs. The author describes the proposal where companies will be charged 2.5% or 5% levy on earnings above £330,000 and £500,000 respectively. The author adds other tax reforms that the Labour party plans to implement as well as other manifesto promises. Since the leak of Labour’s manifesto, some have attempted to discredit the pledges made by Labour by undermining the costing and financial aspect of how they will fund the promises made. However, the overall tone of this article by The Guardian appears supportive of Labour by positively showing how its manifesto will be funded.

The Daily MailScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 18.27.05

Topic of article: Crime

Headline: Monster of the Moors is dead

Author(s): James Tozer and Ian Drury

Analysis: The Daily Mail is informing its readers about the death of Ian Brady, “the monster of the Moors”. The author describes to the reader Ian Brady was suffering from untreatable cancer and emphysema. Despite being caught for some of the crimes Ian Brady and his lover Myra Hindley had committed they both decided not to reveal any information related to the crimes to the authorities. It leaves “the issue of where he dumped the body of 12-year old Keith Bennett” unsolved. The tone of this article appears matter-of-fact and not much is revealed about the circumstances surrounding his death.

The TimesScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 18.17.21

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Drug firm faces fine of £220 for hiking prices

Author(s): Billy Kenber

Analysis: The author informs its readers about the recent fine imposed on a drug company for hiking the prices of its cancer drugs. A fine of £220 million for Aspen Pharmacare has been imposed following an EU investigation. The author makes it clear, without explicitly writing it, that it appears unethical and immoral to increase cancer drug prices by 1,200 per cent for cancer patients in dying need of therapy. Drug companies have significant power and although they are necessary for the production and distribution of drugs, they often serve their shareholders and not patients, with the aim to maximise profit. It is this drive for profit that render drug companies dangerous and can jeopardise the health of many. Interestingly, this news article portrays the EU in a positive light and demonstrates that it was the EU leading the investigation and imposing fines to avoid these hazardous practices from drug companies.

Front page images from: http://en.kiosko.net/uk/

Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran


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