Tuesday 4th April 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.05.45.png

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Our message to meddling leaders of Spain and the EU…UP YOURS SENORS!

Author(s): Tom Newton Dunn

Analysis: The article informs its readers about The Sun’s involvement of the Gibraltar and EU situation and make their feelings clear. The Sun’s front page is very provocative and relatively hostile. The first line: “The Sun today demands Spain and the EU take their hands off Our Rock” is rather belligerent and could be seen as unhelpfully patriotic and nationalistic. There are some real concerns with Gibraltar’s relationship with the EU after triggering article 50, however comments and demands such as the ones made by The Sun are not constructive towards a solution that will benefit the people of Gibraltar and the EU. Fuelling a provocative and adverse attitude in Britain by The Sun is feckless.

The Guardian Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.05.18.png

Topic of article:  Politics

Headline: UK seeks to cool tensions with EU over Gibraltar

Author(s): Jessica Elgot and Anushka Asthana

Analysis: The Guardian is informing its readers on the Prime Minister’s and Foreign Secretary’s attempt of cooling tensions with the EU and Gibraltar after the comments of former Conservative leader Lord Howard. The article explores May’s and Johnson’s approach to the current situation with the EU and Gibraltar. Talks of war are, on the whole, being diffused, despite the prime minister’s spokesman arguing that Lord Howard “was just trying to show the UK’s “resolve”.” There doesn’t appear to be any comments and suggestions on how the prime minister will attempt to resolve the Gibralatar situation or resolve any situation that Brexit will cause. Only time will tell how the negotiations will unravel.

Daily MailScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.06.00.png

Topic of article: Business, Economy

Headline: 3 million have card debts they can’t repay

Author(s): James Salmon (Business correspondent)

Analysis: The article is informing its readers on the number of people who are unable to pay off their credit card debts and are becoming trapped as a result. The author mentions that customers accumulate £2.50 in debt for every £1 that is repaid, which appears quite staggering. The author is approaching this story by concentrating on banks: “As City watchdog exposes banks’ greed…” and “Banks were accused”. They also display the proposed solutions by the Financial Conduct Authority which adds some reassurance. Although banks’ greed could have a major part to play in this problem, the author fails to address nor explore the reasons why some bank customers want to borrow more and more money. Some, however, would suggest that capitalism is at fault.

The TimesScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.06.27

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Taxpayers ripped off by foreign aid profiteers

Author(s): Dominic Kennedy (Investigation editors)

Analysis: The article informs its readers about some of the “unethical” practices by foreign aid contractors and state that they are ripping off tax payers. This investigative story is revealing the deficiencies of foreign aid caused by “foreign aid profiteers” and highlighting its unethical nature. Using the strong words “Taxpayers ripped off” evokes a sense of injustice and unfairness, however the author does not appear to explore how this could be affecting the effectiveness of the aid given to foreign countries. It has chosen to use the injustice of one’s income not being used appropriately rather than the injustice caused to those the foreign aid is attempting to help.

Front page images from: http://en.kiosko.net/uk/

Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran


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