Friday 3rd March 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sunsun-m3

Topic of article: Television, entertainment


Author(s): Andy Halls (TV Editor)

Analysis: A former winner of the Great British Bake Off is set to host her own show. Dear God what will we do!! How can we possibly choose between watching these shows? How are the TV stars coping?? A very serious headline with little to no content. The Sun paints a picture of a dirty and horrible rivalry, while in reality the only real battles that might ensue will be over the remote controls in British homes. Though it should be noted that one show is in fact on baking, and the other on cooking, so really it will all boil down to personal taste…


The Guardianguardian-m3

Topic of article:  race relations, national security

Headline: MI6 returns to ‘tapping up’ in effort to recruit black and Asian officers

Author(s): Nick Hopkins (Head of Investigations)

Analysis: The chief of MI6, Alex Younger, will be returning to their old methods of a ‘tap on the shoulder’ for hiring new agents in an effort to have a more diverse force. And apparently now racism has been solved. Respect has to be given to the Guardian for putting racially charged articles on their front page two Fridays in a row. There are two flaws to this article, in my opinion. Most of what Younger speaks about is the huge expansion of MI6 which is set recruit hundreds of people in the next few years (a main fact which failed to make it to the headline). There is no commentary on what this would mean for Britons, and the privacy (or lack thereof) they may have in the future. Why has this expansion taken place? And notably, how many tax dollars will this take? Younger does say that the service needs to “reflect the society we live in”, but his naivety on this issues is better reflected when he states that “We have to stop people selecting themselves out”. ‘Tapping up’ techniques will never address that more obvious problem more eloquently put by Hugh Muir of “why would minorities spy for a society they don’t feel part of”? (a commentary in the Guardian not on the front page but well worth a read). This front page story paint MI6 as an incredibly progressive organisation dedicated making their workforce more welcoming and accepting. Instead, I see a Band-Aid solution and HR ploy to try and gain support from a public still upset about the infamous Snowden leaks.

Daily Maildaily_mail-m3

Topic of article: Public spending, environment


Author(s): Colin Fernandez (Environment Correspondent)

Analysis: Cases of fly-tipping have soared as councils have cut bin rounds and ‘criminal gangs dump rubbish on industrial scale”. At first glance, this seems like a very odd headline, as myself, and some of my peers, had never heard of the term “fly tipper’. However this four word headline captivates while painting a picture of disease and despair. Still, it takes some time to try and understand what the article is trying to say. No new further information on the above headline is really given in the article. To what extent have councils cut bin rounds. And what about these ‘criminal gangs’. The headline would have you believe that there has been a sharp rise of such organised crime. The article focuses on prosecution and sentencing times for dumping crimes. The author points out that the cost to the taxpayer to clean up this illegal rubbish dumping is vast. Instead, money should be spent on more efficient enforcement of dumping laws. Unfortunately it is hard to back this cause as it fails to address the root of the dumping in the first place.


The Timesthe_times-m3

Topic of article: Brexit, European Union

Headline: Taxpayers must fund Brussels private army

Author(s): Bruno Waterfield

Analysis: The UK will help fund an EU plan to hire armed forces to help protect members of the European Parliament. An ARMY?? Since when did 46 bodyguards constitute an army? A very obvious bias is presented by The Times today. The author is clearly upset about being in the EU but fails to understand that exiting the union cannot happen over night and additionally cannot comprehend the fact that the UK will still be part of the continent. This is NOT a “private army” as the headline would have you believe, but a publically funded small group of bodyguards who will protect the elected members of the European Parliament. Yes, news about EU funding does have a place on the front page. But when an opinion based, tabloid piece claims to be unbiased, fact-based news, I have a problem. Lets stick to the facts here. The EU parliament’s budget has increased above inflation and some of this money will be used to help ensure the safety of MEPs.


Front page images from: BBC The Papers ( , The Guardian may be better read at the Guardian website or Pressreader ( or Kiokso (

Reviewed by: Anjali Menezes


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