Friday 17th February 2017

Friday 17th February 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Guardian

Topic of article:  US politicsguardian.750 (1).jpg

Headline: Trump denies presidency in state of chaos

Author(s): David Smith (Washington correspondent)

Analysis: Trump, the US president, held a 77 minute long press conference in which he made numerous accusations, primarily aimed at accusing the mass press of spreading “fake news”. Now of course any press reporting on this could be seen as biased. The main headline of Trump denying a chaotic presidency seems misleading as the majority of the article details his brisk and deflecting answers to questions posed by the press. This was the president’s first solo press conference since the inauguration and more information of the significance of the comments he has made would be appreciated. The White House has attempted to rename “lies” as “alternative facts” and care must be taken to never adopt such vocabulary. It is misleading. When a statement has no factual basis, it is NOT a fact. Throughout the press conference, Trump was asked about some of the numerous lies he has told the American people, all of which he either denied or deflected. While the article is very factual and only states the events, it fails to detail how sinister this news story is. President Trump is well on his way to discredit the media as a whole. For a large number of Americans (indeed, for the huge number that voted for him) he has likely been successful. Now as he spreads more lies from his powerful and privileged position, many Americans will view his lies as the only source of honest news. Without the media to hold the Whitehouse responsible for its actions, who will protect the interests of the people that it is supposed to represent?

Daily Mail

Topic of article: Politics, Economicsdaily_mail-750-1


Author(s): Louise Eccles, Daniel Martin, James Salmon

Analysis: 13 business groups have signed a letter to the government raising concern over the higher business rates and a fear the businesses may be “blocked” from appealing the rise. So business rates are the taxes on business properties, which have remained unchanged in the UK for the past seven years. Businesses may be prevented from lodging an appeal of rate raises if they are viewed to be within a margin of error of 15%. There is concern over whether this new legislation is sending the message that businesses need to “pay up and shut up”. This, along with the previous Guardian article, has an eerie air of trying to create a culture of not questioning our governments or holding them to account. There is a huge bias presented by the article which then goes on to try and use this story as a platform to convince the reader that Britain should stop trying to help other countries by giving them foreign aid. Now, the numerous problems that foreign aid, and international development present aside, this is a very bizarre statement to make and seems unrelated to the headline. Or maybe it is just the hidden agenda to the Daily Mail becoming….not so hidden after all?


The Timesthe_times.750 (1).jpg

Topic of article:  Public health, medicine, Finance

Headline: Web giants profit from anti-vaccine fraud’s video

Author(s): Oliver Moody, Science correspondent

Analysis: Amazon and Apple are set to profit from a documentary detailing the fraudulent research that lead to many parents refusing to vaccinated their children. The documentary supports this fraudulent research, and scientists and autism campaigners have both urged the websites to remove the video. The headline of this article does little to convey the alarming nature of its content, as it does not make the fact that the video supports fraudulent research. The sad truth is that a research article that falsely accused vaccines of causing autism (a claim that has never been supported by scientific evidence) still has lasting repercussions on our society and the health and safety of our children today. What the article should be focussing on is how and why two prominent US companies can support this fraud? Or, are the impacts of Trump’s lies (NEVER alternative facts) culture spreading across the US?


Front page images from: Kiokso (

Reviewed by: Anjali Menezes


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