Thursday 16th February 2017

Thursday 16th February 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun_94663364_thesunfrontpage16-02-17

Topic of article: Entertainment

Headline: James Arthur glassed for a 1-night stand

Author(s): Robin Perrie (Entertainment Correspondent)

Analysis: The article reports that an X-factor winner, James Arthur, was hit with glass by another man, whose ex-partner Arthur had had sexual intercourse with on a “one-night-stand.” The article paints the picture of a “jealous ex” who “lashed out from behind” after the trigger of a selfie between the pair and indicates that this was an unjust act and the individual is being charged correctly. The articles’ sources are the legal proceedings surrounding the case and the conviction of the individual, apparently for 5 ½ years though for what crime it is not specified and there are no further quotes within the article.

The Guardiangudaridn

Topic of article:  Politics; International

Headline: Trump rips up decades of policy on Israel

Author(s):  Julian Borger (World Affairs Editor, Washington); Peter Beaumont (Jerusalem Correspondent, Jerusalem)

Analysis: The article discusses the response to Trump declaring had no preference and he can “live with either one” of either a two-state or one-state” agreement for Israel and Palestine at a press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu. The article describes this as very significant because it is “casual abandonment” of over 20 years of peace efforts and as unsurprisingly unpopular with Palestinians but also with the United Nations secretary general who is quoted. Overall the critics voices are far stronger in this article with the quotes from Saeb Erekat (senior Palestinian negotiator) and Hanan Ashrawi (senior Palestine Liberation Organisation member) communicating the anguish and disasterous nature of these actions. Furthermore in Erekat’s quote and by quoting from the United Nations the article implies that this is an issue that will test whether the international community will actively oppose Trump or remain passive.

Daily Mail_94663037_dailymail

Topic of article: Economics

Headline: Madness of new business rates

Author(s):  Louise Eccles (Business Correspondent); Daniel Martin (Chief Political Correspondent); James Salmon (Business, Transport and Property Correspondent)

Analysis: The article reports on the revaluation of the business levy by the treasury and describes it increasing costs for places such as nurseries and GP surgeries. The article makes effort to make it appear that the Treasury are cruelly charging these business keepers and shop-owners in order to make this £1billion more. There is no explanation for why this is being done, what previous arrangements were or if anyone will benefit from the reported £1billion that will be gained. The newspaper indicates that the government are on the side of large companies such as Amazon and Sports Direct rather than supporting nurseries, GP surgeries and the everyday businessperson or holiday maker who will lose out. The specific sources of information are missing from the article and there is no representative of the government included.


The Times_94663365_thetimes160217pg1

Topic of article: Politics; International

Headline: US delivers ultimatum over Nato spending

Author(s): David Charter (Berlin Correspondent); Oliver Wright (Policy Editor)

Analysis: The article describes U.S. Defence Secretary James Mattis’ discussion with Nato defence ministers outlining that U.S. withdrawing support from Nato countries who do not pay the Nato target of 2% of national income on defence. Mattis’ words are placed in the context of “heightened fears of Russia military activity from the Black Sea to the Baltic” and describes Trump’s previous comments that he would only support Baltic states who had fulfilled their financial “obligations.” The article works to discredit Mattis including both his nickname as “Mad Dog” and his description of shooting Taliban being “fun”; moreover the article highlights that only Estonia, Greece, Poland and Britain  meet the 2% target so it doesn’t appear that the U.S. would support many Nato members if this was their criteria. No one other than Mattis and Trump are quoted in the article and views from Nato or member countries are also not included.


Front page images from: BBC The Papers ( , The Guardian from Pressreader ( ; Kiokso (

Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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