Friday 20th January 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun_93677139_sun

Topic of article: Entertainment

Headline: Strictly Ricky Sex Tape Leaked

Author(s): Simon Boyle (Associate Showbiz Editor)

Analysis: The Sun is reporting another celebrity has had the misfortune of having their sex tape leaked. The paper is describing the leaking of a sex tape from someone who was a running up in the 2009 Strictly Come Dancing and was previously an actor on the soap Hollyoaks.  The article is making the point that “sites and social media accounts” may be able to or are hacked into to leak sex-related footage or images from celebrities around the world, however the article isn’t really sympathetic to Whittle’s “agony” in the pure fact that being on the front page of the newspaper only exacerbates the issue for the individual further. There are no sources used in the article.


The Guardianguardian-750

Topic of article:  Politics

Headline: Farron hits out at ‘lame and toxic’ Corbyn

Author(s): Heather Stewart (Joint Political Editor), Anushka Asthana (Joint Political Editor)

Analysis: Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron outlines that the Liberal Democrats want to displace Labour as the main opposition party and emphasises that they are the only true pro-EU party. This article is basically an interview with Farron and is pretty damning for the Labour party, not only of Corbyn who Farron describes as “electorally toxic” but also those “prominent MPs” who would want a progressive alliance with the Greens and Lib Dems, who Farron rejects. The Labour party also appear split in the article, with “as many as 30 Labour MPs” considering rebelling against voting for the legislation that may trigger Article 50. Farron also makes efforts to cast his party as the morally superior party who fight for the European Union and for the upcoming by-elections, whereas Labour he describes as feeling: “the meeker we are, the quicker it will go away.”


The Daily Maildaily_mail-750

Topic of article: Crime

Headline: Betrayed before she was even born

Author(s): Chris Brooke (Reporter)

Analysis: The article describes the judge ruling on tragic death of a four-year-old girl in 2013 and blames both her “evil” mother who had dependence on drugs and the social services. Similar to other tragic cases of child abuse such as Baby P, the media focus upon what they appear to feel is their righteous duty to put things right by making social services appear so incompetent that they should not have jobs, and to make the parents or carers of the child seem to be “evil” human beings. The article uses descriptions from the court including that the child was named after the heroin poppy and was fed drugs as “Smarties” to persuade the readers of this further. The article does not take into account the robust investigation and disciplinary processes that are likely to already be taking place into these social services, unlikely to be helped by The Daily Mail. And further it doesn’t indicate that addiction to heroin, whether you agree with it or not, is considered an illness that requires treatment. This doesn’t undermine that this was a terrible case of abuse but the nuances are missed and the explanation for how she “slipped through the cracks” are not sought.


The Times_93677135_times

Topic of article: International Politics

Headline: Protesters mass ahead of Trump’s presidency

Author(s): Rhys Blakeley (Washington Correspondent), Lucy Fisher (Washington Correspondent), Georgie Keate (Reporter)

Analysis: The article describes the protests on both sides of the Atlantic surrounding the inauguration of “unlikely” President Trump including almost 250,000 protesting in Washington itself. The article is generally critical of Trump including highlighting that he had quoted a Reverend “criticised for being anti-Muslim” and the egotistical nature of his “Trump” plane. Overall it  focuses on the British famous people who are supportive of the march at Washington and the women’s marches happening over the weekend; including citing models such as Alexa Chung and comedians like Frankie Boyle in addition to commentator Owen Jones. Other than the criticised Trump quote the only other included is from Ruth Rogers of River Café who is protesting and appears measured in the article saying “I’m there to listen and put my point across.”


Front page images from: and

Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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