Tuesday 10th January 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

Daily Express Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 21.33.38.png

Topic of article: Politics, housing

Headline: House prices soar again

Author(s): Sarah O’Grady

Analysis: The Daily Express is informing its readers about an increase in house prices. The very short and minimal text accompanying the newspaper’s headline describes that despite warning from experts that the economy will be negatively affected if Brexit occurred, there has been a surge in house prices. It seems as if the Daily Express is having a dig at those who voted remain and the experts that warned of economical consequences. The author does not explain why house prices have increased or what it means to the public that housing is now more expensive than ever. It does not explain why the experts are wrong or explore the factors that affect house prices.

The GuardianScreen Shot 2017-01-10 at 20.13.30.png

Topic of article: Health; NHS

Headline: Hunt ditches target as A&E crisis deepens

Author(s): Denis Campbell (Health correspondent) and Rowena Mason (deputy political editor)

Analysis: The Guardian is reporting on A&E being overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients and Jeremy Hunt’s response in parliament to the situation. The very publicised target of 4-hour A&E waiting time is currently not being met and front line doctors warn that patient safety is at risk. Hunt has responded by blaming patients for inappropriately attending A&E in a non-urgent condition and that the 4-hour target should only be achieved in urgent cases. The author is clearly demonstrating the crisis by quoting the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the medical director of Kettering  and Dr Chiltern and this is balanced with statements from Hunt. The Guardian fails to elaborate on this on-going crisis in A&E. The media has repeatedly reported on A&E services being overwhelmed over the years and some closing all over the country. On this occasion neither does The Guardian explore why this is happening, nor does it try to connect this to the junior doctor contract dispute.

Daily Mail Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 21.16.16.png

Topic of article: Health; NHS

Headline: Broken A&E is your fault!

Author(s): Sophie Borland (Health Editor)

Analysis: The Daily Mail informs its reader that Hunt is blaming patients for a “Broken A&E”. The author has a different angle to the other papers analysed today and is reading between the lines of what Hunt said in the Commons today and that they are to blame for this crisis. Although it is entirely possible that there are other factors contributing to this crisis, the Daily Mail fails to explore this. No comments have been sought from hospitals, directors, colleges or hospital staff such as doctors and nurses to obtain their point of view to create a balance newspaper story.

The TimesScreen Shot 2017-01-10 at 20.28.24.png

Topic of article: Health; NHS

Headline: One in four A&E wards is unsafe, say doctors

Author(s): Chris Smyth (Health Editor)

Analysis: The Times is also reporting on the current crisis in A&E. The author is making it clear that patient safety is compromised when A&E is being overwhelmed with patients. The Times highlights that this has caused operations to be cancelled, trollies to be used as beds and Hull Royal Infirmary to urge people to stay away unless their condition is life threatening. Although there are real problems facing A&E and its ability to cope with an overwhelming number of patients, it appears as if Hunt’s response is to simply change the A&E target as if that is the actual problem, however, it does not address the real root of this crisis.

Front page images from: http://en.kiosko.net/uk/

Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran


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