Monday 2nd January 2017

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun sun

Topic of article: Celebrity and Entertainment

Headline: Lover: George wanted to die

Author(s): Simon Boyle (Associate Showbiz Editor), Andy Halls (Associate Head of Shobiz)

Analysis: The article covers the claims from George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz’s twitter account that Michael’s death was wanted by Michael and potentially suicide. Let’s take this opportunity to highlight the disparity between the recent concern and adoration this newspaper has claimed to have for Michael and their previous headlines: ‘George is crack addict (2015), ‘Zip me up before you go go’ (1998) and its inventive re-iterations of ‘Lock me up before you go go’ and Let me go go’ (2010.) In addition Michael himself pointed this out in his 2011 Tweet “Forget that the Murdoch rags referred to me as ‘poof’ and ‘pervert’ several times in response to my campaign against the bombing of Iraq…” But Twitter is an unreliable source of information y’know, and to illustrate this the tweets responsible for this article have since been disowned by Fawaz as hacking and deleted.

The Guardianguardian-750

Topic of article: Health

Headline: Top GP urges Tories to drop seven day plan

Author(s): Dennis Campbell (Health policy editor)

Analysis: The article voices the criticism of chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard regarding the Conservative government’s goal of GP’s providing a seven day a week, 8am-8pm service by 2020. This article is dominated by negative views of this government policy, mostly based on Dr Stokes-Lampard but also on MP Normal Lamb who was coalition health minister. It dissects the government’s plans multiple ways and paints a grave picture of what will happen if this actually occurs with descriptions of general practice being at “breaking point” and a lack of safety with these plans. Lamb also criticises this as a “superficially attractive gimmick” with no “sound policy” and the article is generally condemning this policy, reflecting its overall criticism of Conservative government policy regarding the NHS including the new junior doctors contracts.


The Daily Mail daily_mail-750

Topic of article: Royal Family

Headline: Get better soon, Ma’am

Author(s): Richard Kay (Royal Correspondent and Columnist), Rebecca English (Royal Correspondent)

Analysis: The article covers the recent illness of the Queen and her lack of public appearances for the past 24 days. The article is an odd combination of stressing the out-of-the-ordinary of her illness, which is indicated that this is the first time she has been too ill to attend church on Christmas day, and then suggesting that her absence is just “precautionary” and describing “heavy colds.” The paper doesn’t fail to identify the Queen’s age of 90 years old, perhaps suggesting that it is unsurprising that she is occasionally unwell. They describe “aides” and “a source”  but no specifics are given to where this information has come from.


The Timestimes

Topic of article: International Politics; Domestic Politics

Headline: Isis views new campaign of terror after massacre

Author(s): Hannah Lucinda Smith (Middle East Correspondent)

Analysis: The article describes the New Years attack at an Istanbul nightclub and subsequent international analysis and concerns that Isis are planning further attacks.  The article emphasises the “undiminished” potential damage that Isis and others could have in Europe and particularly the U.K. This is evidenced in them quoting security minister Ben Wallace’s warning of a potential chemical attack and the “threat of the enemy within” referring to the planting of “traitors” by cyberattack groups, Russia and terrorist organisations currently trying to infiltrate organisations. There is also an  sense of tragedy for Turkey after a year of political unrest and death that has wrought the country and furthermore the article suggests that its “recent alliance with Russia” regarding Syria may be the reason for the attacks. This truly has been a terrible year.


Front page images from: and

Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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