Thursday 10th November 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun1.jpg

Topic of article: Politics, International Affairs

Headline: D’oh!

Authors: James Beal

Aim of the article: The article points out the hilariously weird parallels between a Simpsons episode and Trump’s election as president. 

Agenda of the article: The Sun, for once has created an aesthetically impressive front page. It is an animation in the style of the Simpsons. This is to further ensure that readers learn about the fact that Trump was on one episode featured as former President of America who leaves Lisa Simpson to deal with his mess. 

Bias of the article: The article highlights the weird foreshadowing that the writers of the Simpson’s created in an episode in the year 2000. This, probably deliberately, drives one message, Trump as president will be disastrous. The article is biased, but hardly that scathing of Trump as president. Rather the focus is on the exciting nature of how current events relate to an old Simpson’s episode. There isn’t much exploration of what his Presidency will mean. But hey, we have a funny headline and story instead. 

The Guardian2.jpg

Topic of article: Politics, International Affairs

Headline: Trump wins. Now the World waits. 

Authors: Dan Roberts 

Aim of the article: The article represents the shocking and rather scared reaction many have had to hearing of Trump as newly elected President. 

Agenda of the article: The article exposes how many within and out of America have felt about Trump being elected as President. Shocked, scared and convinced he will ruin the country and possibly the world. The story reports on the shocking outcome of the election and reactions from Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. The article makes note of Trump’s speech after being elected and how it appeals for unity from all kinds of American individuals. Obama and Clinton’s reactions are reported in order to demonstrate skepticism but also hope that Trump sticks to the words of his speech, rather than the tone of his political campaign up til now. 

Bias of the article: Funnily enough, the article is accompanied by a massive picture of Trump in mid speech. We are able to see him as an aggressive and almost terrifying person. This aligns with the intent to demonstrate Trump’s presidency as potentially terrifying for many people. However, despite the negative spin on Trump’s presidency, the article does attempt to provide a defense of Trump as an agent which may work towards unifying the country, despite his divisive campaign. 

The Daily Mail3.jpg

Topic of article: Politics, International Affairs

Headline: Trumpquake

Author(s): Tom Leonard

Aim of the article: The article exposes the shocking nature of Trump as President

Agenda of the article: In this coverage of Trump as President, the focuses on primarily how shocking it is that Trump has been elected. Particularly, the writer aims to demonstrate how it was mostly the white working class who rebelled and produced this unlikely candidate as President. Likewise to the photo on the Times, Trump is demonstrated as triumphant. 

Bias of the article: Although this article aims to show depth by noting how white working class individuals were mostly responsible for Trump as President of the US, unsurprisingly the article fails to mention how many individuals particularly from minority backgrounds will be devastated by the result. Nor does the article question Trump’s ability as President or whether it really will be as bad as everyone predicts. Yes the international community is shocked, but that ain’t news… 

The Times4

Topic of article: Politics, International Affairs

Headline: The New World

Authors: N/A

Aim of the article: Not an article, rather a special wraparound cover to mark Trump as President of the United States

Agenda of the article: The NEW direction that Trump will bring is clearly what is being promoted within today’s Times. It’s interesting to see the ‘All American’ picture that the front page portrays. With the American flag as background, Donald is pictured as triumphant, with one fist raised in the air. The only text on the page is a quote from Trump’s speech stating that ‘you will all be proud of your president”. It’s quite noteworthy that though the Times lets it be known that the international community is shocked by Trump’s candidacy, the front cover of the Times portrays a rather positive image of a man fit to be President, demonstrated through the backdrop of the American flag. 


Bias of the article: The quote by Trump whereby he states that he will make his citizens so proud of him, is quite laughable in the context of a long campaign of fear mongering, racist and sexist public statements made by him. The fact is that many people, especially people of colour, muslims, women and lgbt individuals are not convinced they will be proud to have him as president. And his whole campaign never set to reassure those people that their rights and concerns will be attended to. The Times does not bother highlighting this piece on their front cover of Trump. Instead they choose to portray a man at his most victorious, and weirdly as a representation of what it means to be American. 

Front page images from:

Reviewed by: Albana Aruqaj



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