Thursday 27th October 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun1.jpg

Topic of article: Religion

Headline: 50 Shades of Pray

Authors: Paul Keaveny

Aim of the article: The article reports on the sacking of a vicar after allegations of metting prostitutes and engaging in orgy’s 

Agenda of the article: This article strangely seems to make and promote a connection between the vicar’s alleged promiscuity and bisexuality. This just intensifies the already ignorant view of bisexual individuals as hypersexual, when really someone’s sexuality is not synonymous to their libido. The tone of the article seems to find delight in reporting that a vicar has been sacked for engaging in sexual activities that the Church does not see fit for a member of the clergy to engage in, vilifying the Vicar as a “kinky” sex maniac, possessing a “depraved double life”.

Bias of the article: The article provides no defending statements from the vicar. It additionally does not question whether the Church of England was right to sack the Vicar because of all these allegations, even though the Church recognises that the vicar has not done anything illegal. This is particularly an important question because the Church of England has been known to be more accepting of gay priests, and sex out of wedlock. 

The Guardian2.jpg

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: May under fire for secret talk on Brexit Fears

Authors: Rowena Mason, Jessica Eglot, Phillip Oltermann

Aim of the article: The article exposes the contrast between May’s public stance on leaving the EU and her private conversations regarding leaving the EU.

Agenda of the article: This week, The Guardian accuses May of agreeing that the economic cost of leaving the EU could be detrimental for the UK and yet still choosing to pursue a harsh stance with regards to how Britain leaves the EU. The article cites many politicians echoing The Guardian’s disappointment, including Corbyn. The article points to the hypocritical and cowardly nature of May, who, in order to appeal to the 51per cent, is stifling her own economic understanding of how Brexit will affect Brtain harshly. 

Bias of the article: The article claims that The Guardian is in possession of tapes of a conversation between May and Goldman Sachs whereby May admits the negative economic consequence that Brexit will have. This provides credibility to the message that May privately and publicly portrays different ideas of Brexit and the economy.

The Daily Mail3.jpg

Topic of article: International Affairs

Headline: Nato squares up to Putin

Author(s): Larisa Brown, John Stevens

Aim of the article: The article spins recent developments between NATO and Russia as a step towards the new Cold War; with the UK being of course, the great hero. 

Agenda of the article: The article alludes to a new Cold War, but this is quite a distorted lense to view NATO and Russia’s situation. Additionally, rather than aiming to assess whether NATO’s military ‘beefing up’ is necessary, the Mail somehow manages to spin the story in a nationalist, “Brits are the world’s hero’s way”. Ignoring the other countries such as Canada, and Germany who are also helping out.  It’s quite amusing seeing  such a pro-NATO article from the DailyMail. Who’d have thought it would be in favour of international cooperation and alliance? As we know it certainly isn’t when it comes to the EU! 

Bias of the article: Putin has provided statements which sought to assure NATO members that its was not aiming to attack neighboring countries. However, this relevant information is ignored within the article, which even fails to question whether NATO’s actions are necessary. Additionally, it fails to mention the rather large possibility that NATO’s actions are meant as symbolic of their power, than aggressive in nature. 

The Times4.jpg

Topic of article: Domestic Affairs

Headline: Heathrow overvalued by £86billion

Authors: Graeme Paton, Alistair Osborne

Aim of the article: The Times alleges that the Controversial Heathrow expansion may not be that economically beneficial

Agenda of the article: The article reports that supporters of the Heathrow third runway overestimated its economic benefits significantly. The article compares “official hidden” estimates for building another runway at Gatwick to Heathrow, suggesting it would bring similar economic cost, but with less economic burden and homes being destroyed. The paper sources an ex Tory minister in support of the view that an expansion at Gatwick would be better for the country. 

Bias of the article: Although the article sources a study into the runway plans, it doesn’t confirm where the study is from. Additionally, there is little effort on the part of the Times to defend Heathrow’s expansion, despite it’s controversy it should really aim to do this. 

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Reviewed by: Albana Aruqaj



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