Thursday 13th October 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun1.jpg

Topic of article: Sport

Headline: Savage in BBC betting storm

Authors: James Mills

Aim of the article: The Sun is adamant that Robbie Savage has violated his terms of contract with the BBC

Agenda of the article: It’s clear that the agenda of the article is to draw readers in with a faux scandal. The “scandal” being that Robbie Savage has promoted  gambling whilst regularly being used as a football pundit by the BBC. The article states that the BBC outlines that it’s pundits cannot promote services linked to their sport. Whilst it doesn’t seem so ridiculous that the BBC might have this rule, the article provides no sources or evidence to attest to Robbie Savage violating his terms of contract with the BBC. 

Bias of the article: As stated above, there is no effort to provide any sources nor evidence for the front page accusation that The Sun has promoted. More amusingly, the article did not provide a statement by the BBC who has stated that Robbie Savage, a freelance broadcaster, has not violated BBC guidelines whilst working within the BBC. 

The Guardian2

Topic of article: Crime 

Headline: Reports of Rape soar but rate of conviction falls

Authors: Vikram Dodd, Helena Bengtsson

Aim of the article: The article draws attention to the persistent problem of many reported rapes not getting through to the prosecution stage, despite increases of rape allegations. 

Agenda of the article: What’s clear is that the article praises the increase of rape cases being reported, and with good reason. It gives an acknowledgment to shifting cultural attitudes, as high profile cases such as the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal has become visible to the public. Through the CPS statistics, the article alludes to how rape victims are increasingly becoming more empowered to report their crimes. However, the article also raises a very important and persistent phenomenon within rape prosecutions that is not improving; namely that many do not end up in the prosecution stage. Statistics are provided to demonstrate that though the number of prosecutions have increased, there is still a prevailing problem that shifting cultural attitudes have not touched upon; the inability of the criminal justice system to provide justice to many victims of rape. 

Bias of the article: There is a clear feminist concern within this article. HOWEVER, the article does make effort to remain balanced whilst reporting, including providing a defense by the Crown Prosecution Service. Additionally, the article provides expert opinion by a professor of sexual violence, who provides a clear depiction of the reality for many rape victims; that many victims are sadly left without having their day in court. 

The DailyMail3.jpg

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Theresa: Im siding with Britons who voted on Brexit

Authors: James Slack

Aim of the article: The article defends May and her unwillingness to allow Parliament to vote over a formal vote before article 50 is triggered. 

Agenda of the article: It’s laughable, but the DailyMail presents May as the woman of the people, fearlessly defending those who voted to leave the EU. Obviously, whilst ignoring the other 48% of people who voted to remain within the EU. Labour is painted as petty, and “descending into chaos”. Whilst some Tory MP’s who opposed May’s reluctance to have a parliament debate regarding Brexit, are shown as “attacking each other and the No.10machine”. The only one with any sort of order within this article seems to be May. Except… May caused all this ‘chaos’ herself by refusing to listen to concerns about there needing to be greater visibility and accountability to those who do not wish to leave the EU. In other words, to be the true woman of ALL the people, not simply the 52%. And to truly strike a fair deal for Britain and EU residents living within Britain. 

Bias of the article: The article portrays a uncritical and comical defense of May, with little defense of the politicians who are using their democratic right to request for greater accountability during a very precarious time for not only the British economy, but for many people’s everyday lives. The article only sources May’s statements which skillfully promote her as a defender of Britons. 

The Times

Topic of article: Politics, Immigration

Headline: Ministers hide report on migrant numbers

Author(s): Greg Hurst, Richard Ford

Aim of the article: The article demonstrates that May’s crackdown on student visas students is based more on far right ideology than evidence

Agenda of the article: This article. I love it.It has a clear agenda; mainly blasting May’s ridiculous crackdown on International Students 4.jpgfor no real reason than to attend to the growing xenophobia within this country. The article reports on the  official government report on International Student, which has embarrassingly found that only 1% of International Students have illegally overstayed their visit to the UK after their course has ended. This is despite, as the Times points out, May’s use of estimates which predicted and promoted a higher statistic, whilst attempting to justify her policy against international students, who the Times points out bring a lot of talent and money to our universities. 

Bias of the article: The article does not source the study but gives reason for it. The government refused to  publish the study, even under the Freedom Of Information Act. The article states that the defense for this was that the study was not “yet completed”. This article therefore still remains legitimate in that it is not able to source the study due to accessibility issues. Impressively, the article makes sure to inform readers of how prior statistics used by the government regarding International Students, were estimates and not official statistics, and tainted by their association with the biased The Migration Watch Campaign group. This provides a fair reporting of how much of the public was misled by the government in debates regarding International Students. 

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Reviewed by: Albana Aruqaj


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