Thursday 25th August 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun1

Topic of article: Crime

Headline: Mystery of five dead at the beach

Authors: Lauren Probert 

Aim of the article: The article reports on the discovery of five people drowned at sea in East Sussex. 

Agenda of the article: The article reports on the suspicious nature regarding five men being found dead on a beach, pulled out from the sea. The article alludes to whether these men may have been refugees, however this seems unlikely given that there has been no incident of drowned refugees being found in East Sussex before. 

Bias of the article: Within the piece, facts are reported, for example, the time that the bodies were found and the victim’s approximate ages. However the article alludes to the mysterious nature of the deaths, with no confirmation by police that the deaths are being treated as suspicious. 

The Guardian1

Topic of article: Politics, International Affairs

Headline: NHS ‘needs EU employees to avoid collapse’

Authors: Alan Travis

Aim of the article: The article reports on the recommendations by a thinktank to reduce the harm on the NHS that brexit will cause. 

Agenda of the article: The intent of the article is to demonstrate how Brexit will have a devastating impact on NHS services. The findings from the report by the Institute of public policy research is used effectively to hone in this opinion. The research warns of the potential brain drain and crash that the NHS would take if EU nationals are made to leave the EU. The research encourages the government to offer citizenship to NHS workers in order to avoid the negative consequences of Brexit on the NHS. In all, this article effectively tells its readers that Brexit will be devastate the future of the UK if it deports EU immigrants.

Bias of the article: The article sources the findings from the report, in addition to supplying statistics of how many NHS workers are nationals within the EU, outside of the UK.  This supports the articles argument of what impact Brexit could have on the NHS. 

The Daily Mail3.jpg

Topic of article: Health

Headline: Ban the toxic beads now!

Author(s): Sean Poulter

Aim of the article: The article reports on the growing calls for microbeads in cosmetics and toiletries to be banned for environmental reasons.

Agenda of the article: The article portrays the DailyMail at the forefront for calls to ban microbeads in cosmetics and toiletries. It is claimed that the UK alone, must act to ban microbeads as the EU are acting too slowly on banning microbeads. Clearly, the intent by the writer is to paint the EU as slow and inefficient when it comes to implementing environmental regulations. 

Bias of the article: The article makes no effort to balance the obvious accusation that the EU are inefficient when it comes to implementing environmental regulations. Nor does it take any effort to talk about the positive and necessary impact that collaborative environmental action (encouraged by the EU), has on creating effective environmental change. 

The Times 

Topic of the article: Environment

Headline: Hundreds killed and injured by devastating Italian Earthquake

Author(s): Tom Kington

Aim of the article: This article reports on the earthquake that occurred in Italy.  

Agenda of the article: The writing is mostly intent on reporting the facts4.jpg surrounding the tragedy that occurred last night, which led to many deaths and destroyed homes. The article provides insight into the loss and devastation caused by the Earthquake, by reporting particularly on one grandmother’s words of distress after finding out her grandchildren had been killed during the earthquake. 

Bias of the article: This article reports the earthquake factually and presents wider information regarding the history of earthquakes within Italy to readers who may have little knowledge of earthquakes. Additionally, the story reports on the severity of this earthquake. This article is therefore mostly unbiased, which is appropriate given the sensitivity of the story.  



Front page images from:

Reviewed by: Albana Aruqaj


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