Monday 18th July 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sunsun.750

Topic of article: Sport

Headline: Jose’s break-in terror

Authors: Neil Syson (News Reporter)

Aim of the article: The article is informing readers that a man tried to break into Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s home in London.

Agenda of the article: The article is intended to surprise readers that the potential burglar could be so bold as to try to enter the house whilst the owner was present, in addition to a maid who “screamed” once she realised. There is also repetition of the fact that it is a £25 million house in London, indicating the wealth of Mourinho and possibly how much he had to lose if the burglar had been successful.

 Bias of the article: The article doesn’t provide detailed information however the information provided by an unverifiable “passer-by” that Mourinho looked “dumbfounded” is confirmed by the front-page photograph taken as the man was arrested outside his house. The sources for the rest of the story are not identified and therefore the validity of the story could be questioned, if this was actual news and anyone could really be bothered.


The Guardianguardian.750

Topic of article:  International Affairs

Headline:  Erdoğan purges plotters as cleric is accused over coup

Authors: Patrick Kingsley (Migration Correspondent; Istanbul)           

Aim of the article: The article informs readers of the repercussions of the failed military coup in Turkey over the weekend, focussing on the response of President Erdoğan

Agenda of the article: The article describes Erdoğan as emotional  with them reporting that he “sobbed uncontrollably” and was unable to complete his eulogy at his friend’s funeral. There is also the tone communicated that, overall the Turkish people supported Erdoğan’s government against the coup with the article reporting “a wave of popular anger against the coup attempt” and that his leadership being “partly saved…by huge numbers of Turkish civilians who defied a military curfew…forcing plotters to retreat.” However, on an international scale rather than a national one, there are two issues. The first is the “ominous” threat of introducing capital punishment for the judiciary and military who were involved in the coup. The second is the clear scepticism at the validity of his accusations that self-exiled (in Pennsylvania) Islamic cleric Fethulah Gülen was ultimately responsible for orchestrating the uprising using his supporters.  This is described in detail with the back-and-forth between U.S. Secretary of State and Erdoğan’s claims laid out in the article and the US-Turkish relations described as “frayed.”

Bias of the article: The article quotes both Erdoğan  at the funeral of his friend and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Quotes from John Kerry undermines the accusations Erdoğan has made regarding Gülen  including the request for him to be extradited. Kerry also provides the criticism that “Erdoğan was using the aftermath of the coup to settle scores with enemies at home and abroad” and further delegitimise him saying that they had not provided any “evidence that withstands scrutiny.” There are no other sources quoted in the article and no discussion of the motivations of the army to instigate the coup.


 The Daily Maildaily_mail.750

Topic of article: International Affairs; Politics

Headline: Turkey: Fear of Migrant Surge

Author(s): John Stevens (Europe Correspondent, Brussels), Emine Sinmaz (News Reporter, Istanbul)

Aim of the article: The article is describing the results of the attempted military coup in Turkey on migration in Europe and from the country.

Agenda of the article: The article is written purely from the point of view that the negative about the failed military coup in Turkey is that there will be a “fresh surge” of migrants from Turkey potentially coming to the UK. They justify this by describing the “EU’s £5billion deal with Ankara” that may now be in jeopardy and by saying that Erdoğan’s threat to introduce the death penalty for those who committed “treason” means there is a legitimate reason for people to claim it unsafe to return to Turkey. The paper also depicts the Turkish population as “baying for the death penalty” and furthers this quoting Erdoğan saying “in a democracy, whatever the people want they get.”

Bias of the article: The article offers no critical analysis of the results of the coup except from a few minor comments and doesn’t describe either side in any detail. The image of Erdoğan and the Turkish people is extreme and unbalanced, with them seeming vengeful and potentially violent which is unjustified. The article only provides quotes that support this from Erdoğan and no other sources are supplied.

The Timesthe_times.750

Topic of article:  International Affairs

Headline: Presidential power grab after failed Turkish coup

Authors: Hannah Lucinda Smith (Freelance Journalist), Burhan Yuksekkas (Freelance Journalist; Istanbul)

Aim of the article: The article is informing readers of the response of Turkish President Erdoğan to the attempted military coup.

Agenda of the article: Perhaps the quote embodying the article is Erdoğan saying:  “this uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.” This raises the two key issues of secularism and violently enforced totalitarianism. Considering the first, the article described Erdoğan creating an “increasingly Islamicised state” and the tone of the article  is somewhat sympathetic with the “staunchly secular and distrusting” army. Secondly, the article focuses on Erdoğan eroding any hostile forces including arresting over 6000 of the “last strong opposition” of the military and the judiciary and this being to the extent of pushing for reintroduction of capital punishment. Further attack on Erdoğan is evidenced in the article indicating willing to manipulate tragedy to achieve reintroduction of the death penalty by appearing at a funeral of a father and son killed during the attempted coup.

Bias of the article: The article is persuading readers that Erdoğan is ruthlessly power hungry and  negative for Turkey and the UK with him now able to work towards the “absolute power… he had long been accused of craving.” They suggest at what the paper feels is relevant to the readership by highlighting that his actions may potentially undermine the “war against Islamic state” and work “tackling Europe’s migrant crisis” that the UK are involved in . The article is dominated by statistics and information, easily biased, and the only quotes are from Erdoğan which to an extremely negative view of his actions. There is a lack of any balanced discussion of the actions of Erdoğan or a balanced discussion of the role of the military and the events that led to the attempted coup.

Front page images from:

Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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