Friday 1st July 2016

The SunScreen Shot 2016-07-01 at 17.05.44

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Tom Newton Dunn (Political Editor)

Headline: Brexecuted

Aim of article: The article is informing its leaders about Boris Johnson declaring he will not be running for the Conservative leadership.

Agenda of article: The tone of the article and a sad-looking Boris Johnson following his speech yesterday are dramatic. Language such as: “Johnson’s career was shot to pieces”, “Gove knifes Boris” and the title “Brexecuted” are sensational. Following the Brexit victory led by Boris, the melodramatic article portrays a betrayed Boris and that he was “forced to quit”. The author states that Theresa May is now favourite to become the next Prime Minister.

Bias of article: The article displays no sources and does not try to substantiate what it is stating. Perhaps The Sun, which endorsed the Brexit campaign, is feeling sympathetic towards the leader of Brexit who won them the campaign.

The GuardianScreen Shot 2016-07-01 at 14.08.21

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Heather Steward (Political Editor)

Headline: The betrayal ‘Boris cannot provide the leadership for the task ahead’

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers about Michael Gove’s decision to run for the conservative leadership at the eleventh hour.

Agenda of article: The article is explaining to its readers that this surprised leadership bid by Mr Gove “stunned Johnson and the rest of Westminster”. The tone of the article, also highlighted by the title, is one of betrayal. Mr Gove was a strong ally to Boris Johnson during the referendum campaign, it was thought and assumed that Johnson would go for the leadership with the support of Gove. However, this betrayal, where Gove stated that “Boris cannot provide the leadership” has meant that Johnson will not be going for the leadership.

Bias of article: The article sources Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Theresa May and sources close to Johnson. There appears to be no real criticism of this move by Michael Gove from The Guardian or any suggestion of if this was foreseeable.

Daily MailScreen Shot 2016-07-01 at 17.18.43

Topic of article: Politics

Author: James Slack (Political Editor)

Headline: Tory Day of Treachery

Aim of article: The article is attempting to inform its readers about Mr Gove’s decision to run for the leadership and his betrayal to Boris Johnson

Agenda of article: This article, similarly to The Sun, is very dramatic and comparing this betrayal to the manner in which Margaret Thatcher lost power. The author uses words such as “treachery”, “most savage” and “most poisonous infighting” to add drama to recent events but it appears exaggerated. The author appears critical of Mr Gove’s decision and also suggests to readers that this was planned: “Mr Gove had been plotting all along to bring him down so he could run for PM”. These descriptions and statements give rise to a negative image of Mr Gove. Furthermore, above the article is another very prominent title “A party in flames and why it must be Theresa” accompanied by her picture.

Bias of article: When the author quotes its sources, there is not a direct mention of the actual person but rather a vague description: “Tory MPs” and “Friends of Mr Gove” which detracts from the validity of the quotes. The overt backing of Theresa May by the Daily Mail combined with the  negative image of Gove painted from the resulting “treachery’ by his decision to run for the leadership, shows that this article is potentially biased against Mr Gove.

The TimesScreen Shot 2016-07-01 at 16.54.17

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Francis Elliott (Political Editor), Sam Coates (Deputy Political Editor)

Headline: Johnson’s secret offer to May

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers about claims that a deal between Boris Johnson and Theresa May was set up so that she would stand down before the 2020 elections. Additionally, the article mentions Mr Gove’s bid for the Conservative leadership.

Agenda of article: The authors are speculating on the idea that the deal made with Theresa May could have been the reason why Boris Johnson decided to pull out of the race to become prime minister. The article then goes on to mention Mr Gove’s leadership bid, the treachery associated with it and Mr Gove’s justification. The overall tone appears relatively supportive of Boris Johnson.

Bias of article: There is no mention of where the authors got the ‘secret offer’ deal made by Johnson to Theresa May from. This detracts the validity and credibility of this headline. The article quotes friends of Mr Johnson, Mr Johnson’s supporters  and Mr Gove’s team. There does not appear to be any direct quotes from Gove or Johnson.

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Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran

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