Monday 27th June 2016

Monday 27th June 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sunsun.750

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Boris Backer

Authors: Tom Newton Dunn (Political Editor)

Aim of the article: Using a slightly odd analogy to tennis player Boris Becker, the article inspires the idea that Boris Johnson is tipped to replace Cameron as Conservative Prime Minister.

Agenda of the article: Simply, The Sun thinks “BoJo” as Prime Minister is a positive thing, They describe “fellow Brexit mastermind” Michael Gove as coming out in support of him and working to get him to number 10 “unopposed” which the paper indicates is possible. The image of “tennis-loving Boris” and the article using the sub-heading “new balls please” is a bit strange but the light-hearted tone suggests this shouldn’t be difficult for Boris to win. They also discuss the “civil war” “engulfing” the Labour Party with shadow ministers quitting but, as expected, there is no further analysis of these events, their cause or how they are all linked.

Bias of the article: The article makes the task of Boris being elected to lead the Conservatives “unopposed” seem moderately logical and gives no time to discuss which “hopefuls” may oppose him or any criticism of him whatsoever.  There are no sources or quotes provided in the article at all. The comments regarding Jeremy “Corb” and his “crisis” give the impression that the Labour Party are falling apart whilst the Conservatives are soon to gain fun-time “BoJo” as their leader.


The Guardianguardian.750

Topic of article:  Politics

Headline: Corbyn defiant as shadow cabinet disintegrates over Brexit strategy

Authors:  Anushka Asthana (Political Editor), Rajeev Syal (Whitehall Correspondent), Rowena Mason (Political Correspondent)

Aim of the article: The article is informing readers of the attempted coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party amongst the EU referendum turmoil.

Agenda of the article: This article effectively describes the “battle for the heart of the Labour Party” unfolding. It provides two sides: the “attempted coup” by MPs to try and remove Corbyn as leader due to lack of belief in his leadership and his poor performance during the referendum. On the other side: the members “who elected Corbyn by an overwhelming majority” who have already organised protests and phone banks in in preparation for a leadership battle.  The timing of this is debatable: Corbyn supporters believing this is “long-planned” whereas the MPs claiming that it is the catalyst of the referendum and the imminent general election that has pushed them to this action. Len McCluskey chimes in to suggest that the MPs are “betraying” the Party through their actions and the article suggests that this coup may not be democratic or potentially even legal based on leaked legal advice to the Party they have obtained.

Bias of the article: The article quotes from numerous sources including the coup side: Chris Bryant “we need someone new to unite and lead Labour”. On the other hand there is Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, threatening that the behaviour of the revolting MPs could lead to their “mandatory deselection.” Somewhere in the middle are the non-committal vague statements about there being “much work to do” from deputy Tom Watson. Overall, the only comment from Corbyn himself is to highlight that he is the “democratically elected leader” which links to the articles point of the MP’s potentially being seen as suppressing those who elected Corbyn.


The Daily Maildaily_mail.750

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Now a plot to block Brexit

Author(s): James Slack (Political Editor)

Aim of the article: The article describes the movement to stop Brexit from numerous “bitter” sources.

Agenda of the article: So, the paper won its campaign for Brexit and now it is trying to rile up anger in its readership that those who wanted to Remain are trying to “plot” conniving ways of preventing Brexit actually occurring despite it being democratically decided. The “gang” of “bitter losers” including Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Nicola Sturgeon and Tony Blair. Each of these has different motives such as Sturgeon wanting Scotland to remain in the EU, though the paper makes little distinction between them. The key issue the article ends on is that having a general election “held later this year before the start of the process of quitting” is one of these sneaky tactics of pro-EU politicians so it will be intriguing to see what the paper has to say if this goes ahead.

Bias of the article: A telling sign is that the paper quotes that “17 million voted Leave” but gives absolutely no context in terms of how many voted Remain. There are only one or two word quotes from those they accuse of effectively undermining democracy for example Blair’s call to “look at” the decision again and no quotes from any other source. The paper doesn’t provide analysis of any other reason a general election would need to be called as it omits the fissures in the Conservative party due to the referendum, though it discusses the “chaos” of the Labour Party over the past 24 hours.

The Timestimes

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Corbyn faces leadership ultimatum

Authors: Michael Savage (Political Writer), Lucy Fisher (Senior Political Correspondent)

Aim of the article: The article informs readers of the resignations of members of the shadow cabinet and the call for Corbyn to resign.

Agenda of the article: The article portrays the image of Corbyn as a faltering leader in denial of his wrong doings and his inevitable removal from his position. The paper describes “figures from across the party” doubting his leadership, resigning en-masse and planning their vote of no confidence as part of their “plot to topple the Labour leader.”  Those they specifically cite who are leaving include “the only remaining Blairite” Lord Falconer, the shadow leader of the commons Chris Bryant and even John McDonnell’s deputy Kerry McCarthy just to rub salt in the wound. The paper also makes effort to criticise Corbyn “sabotaging” the Remain campaign including “refusing to use pro-EU language in speeches” whatever that means and noting he was not “allowed” to attend events or meetings related to the campaign.

Bias of the article: The only direct quotation is a highly damning one from MP Lucy Powell ‘“You’re unable to command the support of the shadow cabinet, the parliamentary Labour Party and, most importantly, the country” which aligns with the tone of the article. The article only provides one person in support of Corbyn, Andy Burnham, who they then undermine by saying he is only doing so for personal gain in his quest to become Mayor of Manchester. There is no sources in support of Corbyn or really from himself except him having “no intention of stepping down” which works with the paper’s image of a tragically defiant failing leader.

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Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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