Thursday 19th May 2016

Papers reviewed: New York Times

The New York TimesScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 19.31.43

Topic of article: Terrorism

Author: Dionne Searcey (West African bureau chief)

Headline: Captives of Boko Haram Return Home to Score

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers about a girl and a boy who have returned to a government camp after they were held captive by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Agenda of article: The author appears to be evoking empathy from its reader by exploring how Nigerian residents “gathered around, badgering with questions and glares” at the victimes. The victims have had to lie due fear of what the residents might do and also how there is a “deep suspicion is raging against anyone who has lived alongside the group”. It seems easy to see that these victims of abuse, rape and violence have suffered a horrible tragedy and feelings of melancholy appear when  the author reports that these victims “return home to scorn”.

Bias of article: The article represents the views of the victim, Zara, fairly well and quote her in the article. The reasons as to why Nigerian residents may have suspicious feelings towards victims of Boko Haram are explore as well. The validity of the article would be further improved if quotes from Nigerian residents were sought.

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Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran

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