Thursday 20th May 2016

Papers Reviewed: Western Mail (Wales)

Western Mail12.05.2016

Topic of article: Politics

Headline: Deadlock – Plaid Cymru, Ukip and Tories derail Carwyn’s re-election

Authors: Martin Shipton (Chief Reporter)

Aim of the article: The article is informing readers of the failure to re-elect Carwyn Jones a First Minister of the Welsh National Assembly following Labour losing their majority in the Welsh Cabinet, holding only 29 of the 60 seats.

Analysis of the article: The article paints this dramatic battle between Plaid Cymru and Labour with “no sign of either sides backing down” and describing it as a “deadlock.” The article highlights how significant a change in power this is with the Welsh cabinet control altering from the historical Labour-Lib Dem/Plaid Cymru to Plaid’s Leanne Wood being backed by UKIP and Conservatives. Overall the article is sympathetic to Labour with the title “derail Carwn’s re-election” suggesting that his re-election was inevitable and therefore this comes as a surprise and is potentially dangerous. The article’s main image is also somewhat supportive showing an image of Carwyn appearing to be crying after losing his position he has held since 2009 and which has always been held by a Labour Politician.

Bias of the article: As highlighted the article is sympathetic to Labour and Carwyn Jones and, though the media exchanges of Plaid and Labour described in detail, Labour’s arguments appear to be better supported by the article. For example after Labour’s criticism of an “unholy alliance” with the right wing UKIP and Conservatives the article describes Plaid “playing down talks of deals.” The only direct quotes are the detailed explanation of how he wasn’t actually crying from his aide. There is a lack of wider analysis on the front page however this could be present within the paper.

Front page images from:

Reviewed by: Alice Edwards



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