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Wednesday 4th May 2016

Le MondeScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 16.58.35

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Not stated

Headline: Un travailliste musulman favori pour remporter la mairie de Londres (A muslim labour (MP) is favourite to win the London mayoral election)

Aim of article: The article, which is split up in four different statements is informing its readers that Sadiq Khan, the labour mayoral candidate, is favourite to win the elections according to polls. The article also mentions his main opposition the conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith and how the campaign for London mayoral election have been marked by questions of religion and race.

Agenda of article: The style in which this is written is different to the other articles analysed. The short statements do not have much depth or direct quotes. However they choose very descriptive words by describing Mr Khan as the son of pakistani bus driver and Mr Goldsmith as a conservative, eurosceptic and ecologist. The title itself is highlighting Mr Khan’s religion where as Mr Goldsmith’s religion or spiritual beliefs are not stated, instead, the article states that he is the son of a French-English jewish billionaire. Le Monde is commenting on the fact that the real problems of London are in the background and the campaign is marked by race and religion.

Bias of article: The article fails to state any quotes, however, it is probably unlikely that they will put any English quotes in. It would’ve been interesting to hear an interpretation of the events from a French politician. It is also interesting to note that the religion of the Sadiq Khan is mentioned and the recent events involving the terrorist attacks in France and Brussels may potentially introduce bias and why this article is on the front page of Le Monde.

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Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran

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