Friday 29th April 2016

The SunScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 17.21.33

Topic of article: Crime

Author: Dan Sales (News Reporter)

Headline: Tycoon Murder Let-Off

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers that a millionaire, who was arrested on suspicion of murdering a delivery driver, has been let off by the police.

Agenda of article: The article is very descriptive with regards to the man that was cleared of murder by using words such as “Tycoon”, “Millionaire” and “Fashion exec”. The article also mention that he was confronted “at his £2 million Essex home”. These descriptions implies that the author is emphasising the person’s wealth to its readers. Although the connection is not explicitly made, the article seems to suggest that this man was potentially let off because of his wealthy status.

Bias of article: No sources are quoted which deprives the validity of the article. The views of neither the police nor the man cleared of murder or his representatives have been sought. There is no explanation or suggestions as to why the arrested man was cleared of murder.

The GuardianScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 17.41.52

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Rowena Mason (Political Correspondent) and Anushka Asthana (Joint Political Editor)

Headline: Labour antisemitism crisis as Livingstone suspended
Aim of article: The aim of the article is to inform its readers about why the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has suspended Ken Livingstone and the current antisemitism “crisis” in the Labour party.

Agenda of article: The past couple of days has seen the Labour party in the headlines from the suspension of Naz Shah, the Bradford West MP, and now Ken Livingstone. This crisis is probably unwanted by the Labour party so close to the local elections and it appears that by suspending Naz Shah and Livingstone, Corbyn is showing leadership. His comment in the article “It’s not a crisis. There’s no crisis. Where there is any racism in the party it will be dealt with and rooted out.” The article does not appear critical with its tone and language over the antisemitism crisis within the Labour party and the recent events.

Bias of article: The article quotes Ken Livingstone and also John Mann, an MP who showed anger towards Livingstone’s remarks. Jeremy Corbyn’s, who has to deal with this crisis, is also sourced. Nevertheless, the views of those outside the party are not represented in the article. Only one paragraph was critical of the whole situation.

Daily MailScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.21.07

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Jack Doyle (Political Correspondent)

Headline: Labour’s Civil War Over Anti Semitism

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers about the crisis over anti semitism within the Labour Party and Ken Livingstone’s suspension.

Agenda of article: Although the Daily Mail article is reporting the same events that have happened within the Labour party both articles are distinctively different. The language used in this article is  more dramatic such as “torn apart”, “vicious”, “extraordinary outburst”, “making a series of explosive claims” and in particular the word “civil war” in the title making this article sensationalistic. It is known that the Daily Mail has traditionally supported the Conservative party which could potentially explain the language and tone of this article and the article’s location on the front page.

Bias of article: It seems that the article is over exaggerating the Labour party’s current crisis, for example it states that “the Labour leader was extremely reluctant even to suspend Mr Livingstone, and agreed to do so only if Mr Mann suffered the same fate.”. It is very difficult to tell if that statement is true as it is not validated by a source and if such a claim was true, to substantiate it, a source would be stated anonymously or non-anonymously. There is not much substance to the article and its validity and accuracy is put into question.

The TimesScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.42.37

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Michael Savage (Chief Political Correspondent)

Headline: Throw Livingstone out of Labour, MPs demand

Aim of article: The article, like others printed today, is informing its readers about Ken Livingstone’s suspension from the Labour party

Agenda of article: The article begins ominously by stating that “Five members of the shadow cabinet have backed demands for Jeremy Corbyn to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour party permanently” and  “The Labour leader was warned that he faced a defining moment”. The article seems to be concentrating more on Jeremy Corbyn than the Labour party in general and his leadership. It is almost blaming Mr Corbyn for the antisemitism by quoting Michael Foster “Mr Corbyn’s “myopic view” of Middle East politics had “unleashed a whirlwind of antisemitism from some of his fellow travellers, which in his complacency and naivety he fails to comprehend””.

Much like the other newspapers, the criticisms of the Labour party and the response of Jeremy Corbyn to the crisis have been reported, however the views of those supporting Ken Livingston or indeed Corbyn’s leadership with regards to the recent events are not represented. The article is indirectly critical of the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn.

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Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran


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