Wednesday 27th April 2016

Paper Reviewed: The New York Times

The New York Timesnewyork_times.750

Topic of article:  Politics

Headline: Trump in a sweep of Eastern states; Clinton wins in 4

Authors: Patrick Healy (National Political Correspondent), Jonathan Martin (National Political Correspondent)

Aim of the article: The article is informing readers that the frontrunners for the Republican and Democrat nominations for the U.S. presidential election are becoming more certain after primaries last night.

 Agenda of the article: The article wants readers to know that it is increasingly likely that the election will be Clinton versus Trump after these recent primary results describing their alternates as “fading rivals” and them as already turning on one other at this stage in the race. They are also highlighting that Trump is more dominant in his respective primaries giving a “more convincing performance” by winning all five whereas Clinton lost Rhode Island to her rival for Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders.  They are describing the situation as “urgent” for the other Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich as it reminds readers that they are uniting in Indiana order to attempt to “halt his (Trump’s) march to nomination.”

 Bias of the article: The article goes some way in describing the pair as childishly “taunting” one another, however generally they are notably more critical of Trump highlighting his weak argument of Clinton’s gender being her greatest asset in addition to his “boastful” grandiose metaphor of being the last boxer in the ring. The article only quotes Trump mockingly and from no other source of analysis or from Clinton herself and there is no comment from other Republicans or Democrats other than what is represented by their voting in the primaries.

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Reviewed by: Alice Edwards


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