Friday 4th March 2016

The Sun Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 00.00.25

Topic of article: Crime and Sport

Author: Robin Perrie (North East Reporter)

Title: Huntley(,)Bellfield..and Johnson

Aim of article: The article is informing its readers that Adam Johnson, a former premier league footballer, will be jailed in the same jail as Levi Bellfield and Ian Huntley. Adam Johnson is being jailed for grooming a 15 year old fan and sexual activity with her.

Agenda of article: The Sun is perhaps trying to be sympathetic towards Johnson by implying that he will be jailed with two individuals that have committed, arguably, more severe crimes. This is implied through the title of the article (Huntley, Bellfield..and Johnson). On the flip side, the subtile “footie perv to be banged up in child killers’ jail” with its derogatory term “footie perv” may suggest that Johnson deserves to be there.

Bias of the article: It is unclear how The Sun obtained information about which prison Adam Johnson is going to or if that has been confirmed. There has been a fair amount of media coverage on the trial of Johnson and this the second in a row for The Sun. This highlights the attractiveness of sensational news. Perhaps Adam Johnson epitomises the dream that a lot of young boys have of working through the ranks to become an established player, moving on to play for a big team and representing their country. His fall from stardom and the premier league elites is what make this news attractive. The concept of Schardenfreude, where pleasure derived from the misfortune of others, very much applies to the feelings the public may have over the Johnson case.

The GuardianScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.44.37

Topic of article: Politics

Author: Anushka Asthana (Political editor)

Title: French warning over Brexit

Aim of article: The aim of the article is to tell readers that France and especially Francois Holande has warned of the potential consequences that will occur should the public vote in favour of Brexit.

Agenda of article: The warning from Hollande can be viewed as quite significant by readers and choosing this article to be on the front page shows what The Guardian wants its readers to know. The chosen quotes from the French president: “I don’t want to scare you, but I just want to say the truth” and “I don’t want to give you a catastrophic scenario. But there will be consequences, especially in terms of people as well.” seem fairly ominous.

Bias of the article: Although the article is presenting the pro-Europe views from Hollande but also views from pro-Brexit, The Guardian seems to be leaning towards the pro-Europe camp. The last five days The Guardian has had an article about Europe in relation to the referendum which emphasises the importance of the referendum to The Guardian. The successive Europe stories from this newspaper and the relative importance of this issue makes the French warning over Brexit, The Guardian’s warning to its readers.

Daily MailScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 22.23.10

Topic of article: Science

Author: Fiona MacRae (Science Editor)

Title: A cancer cure in just one jab

Aim of article: The article informs its readers about the potential of a treatment that can cure cancer with a single dose.

Agenda of article: The tone of the article is very optimistic and hopeful. The big bad ‘C’ word, cancer, is increasingly prevalent, so much so that most people probably reading the article know at least one person with cancer. Most people associate cancer with a poor prognosis, most notably death. This article is therefore potentially very interesting for readers and provides hope, which is probably why it is on the front page news. Moreover, the demographic of the Daily Mail, readers aged 65 and over, a demographic that is more likely to experience cancer, make this article more relevant.

Bias of the article: The reliability of the article is questionable. Firstly, the source chosen for this article, Cancer Research UK who funded the study, perhaps might not be the most appropriate. The authors of the study should have been chosen as the main source to give more of an insight into the study. Secondly, even though the public might not know about the wide range and variability of different cancers, a science editor should really know this as it is very unlikely that a single dose of therapy will be able to cure all cancers. For all one knows, a cure for cancer may be found but we are currently far from that. Lastly, it is difficult to gauge the likely cost and effectiveness of this intervention, the article does not mention if human trials have been performed. Overall, the article is providing false hope to the public with regards to cancer treatment and the newspaper should do more to make the article more reliable in order to give its readers true hope in cancer therapeutics.

The TimesScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 23.49.15

Topic of article: Science

Author: Tom Whipple (Science Editor)

Title: Scientists claim cure for cancer is closer

Aim of article: The aim of the article is to inform its readers about a potential cancer treatment aiming to cure cancer. The article also explains the mechanism in which this treatment works and why it may be better than current therapies.

Agenda of article: As mentioned previously, news on a cure for cancer is very exciting for readers. There is an emphasis on the mechanism in which this therapy works and that is: a “technique encourage immune cells to attack mutations common to every tumour cell” which shows that this therapy is very much different to current chemotherapy.

Bias of the article: Unlike the Daily Mail article, The Times identifies cases in which this potential therapy could work and it also states at which stage of research the cancer therapy is currently at which is “the work was in its early stages and trials were needed before it could be used to treat patients”. The article seems to reliably express the optimism of the potential cancer therapy but it doesn’t state, if any, the negative effects or difficulties this treatment may have.


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Reviewed by: Bruno Gnaneswaran


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